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Celebrate the Holidays with Happy Baskets

Chocolate Lovers Basket

We create a world of decadence with our Chocolate Lovers Basket, perfect for those who simply cannot resist the lure of fine chocolate. This basket includes a variety of chocolate delights, from luxurious truffles to indulgent dark chocolate bars. It's truly a dream come true for the cocoa aficionados in your life!

Ever unwrapped a chocolate and expressed a burst of joy? Imagine that joy multiplied by the number of chocolates nestled in this basket. So, gift this basket and sprinkle mirth with every layer unwrapped.

However, due to current supply chain issues, substitutions of contents can be made without notice. We assure, joy remains intact as all baskets are filled to value.

Holiday Gourmet Gift Baskets

This basket features an ensemble of gourmet treats that are sure to delight any food connoisseur. Just like a goodies cart, the Holiday Gourmet Basket is packed with a selection of fine cheeses, olives, spreads, luxury chocolates, and other epicurean delights.

Gifting this basket is like serving a feast of flavors, ensuring an eclectic mix of sweet, savory, and everything in between. It’s the perfect way to say "Happy Holidays" to the gourmands in your life!

Due to current supply chain disruptions, substitutions of contents can be made without notice. Fret not, all baskets are filled to value.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

The pièce de résistance, our Wine and Cheese Basket, radiates sophistication and elegance. Every sip of quality wine is complemented by a bite of gourmet cheese, perfect for a cozy evening by the fireplace. We've cherry-picked a selection of fine wines and paired them with a variety of artisanal cheeses for an unmatched tasting experience.

This basket is bound to create memorable events marked by lively conversations and laughter. It's an excellent choice for spreading holiday cheer to wine aficionados and novice explorers alike.

Due to the current supply chain issues, we might have to make substitutions without any notice. But, all our baskets are filled to value, ensuring the joy each basket brings remains untouched!

Health Nut Gift Basket

Looking for a healthier twist to your gift giving? Try our Health Nut Basket. Packed with an array of healthful and delicious snacks, it is perfect for making the holidays delightful yet health-conscious.

Enjoy a mix of nuts, dried fruits, organic juices, and a variety of other wholesome snacks. Don't be surprised if this nutritious endowment becomes the favorite of your health-conscious friends and family this holiday season!

Due to current supply chain issues, there may be instances of substitutions of contents without notice. Rest assured, all baskets are filled to their value, keeping the spirit of health and vitality alive.

So, are you ready to celebrate holidays with these amazing gourmet gift baskets? To place your order, or to speak with a Happy Baskets team member about a custom creation, please do reach out.

Choosing the Right Gift Basket: A Handy Guide

Choosing the perfect gift basket can be quite the challenge, especially during the holidays. But worry not! Here at Happy Baskets, we're all about making gift-giving fun and stress-free. Just follow our simple guidelines, and you'll be on your way to delivering joy and recognition to every door.

Know Your Recipient

The key to a perfect gift, as we often say, starts with knowing your recipient. It isn't just about what they might like, but also about what truly speaks to them. Are they a certified chocoholic or do they swoon over an assortment of cheeses? Or perhaps they're the sort who'd appreciate a bookworm gift basket, complete with cozy socks and a wooden page holder. The idea is to not just give a basket, but to give them, a basket – something that reflects their tastes, passions and quirks. In other words, a basket that is truly them in basket form.

Determine Your Gift Basket Budget

Let's be honest, a budget is a reality we all have to consider, even when we're caught up in the spirit of giving. The good news is, gift baskets come in a variety of price ranges. Affordable options, like our basket of goodies, offer mouthwatering treats without the hefty price tag. Looking to splurge? Our deluxe picnic basket is a veritable feast that's sure to impress. Remember, it's all about finding a basket that delivers happiness and fits your budget comfortably.

Consider the Occasion For The Gift

Every occasion calls for a specific vibe. An engagement basket filled with celebratory treats might not be the best pick for an office holiday party. Similarly, our roses and hydrangeas bouquet might be the perfect touch for an intimate anniversary celebration, but not the first choice for a casual secret Santa exchange. So, when choosing a basket, keep in mind the occasion, the shared mood, and the expected norms.