Gift Giving made simple

Holiday Themed Gift Baskets

What better way to create festive cheer than with holiday-themed gifts? From Santa hats to twinkling fairy lights, these gifts are perfect for setting the holiday mood.

Our holiday themed baskets are full of fun and festive items that scream 'holiday spirit'. For example, our Christmas-themed basket comes with delectable chocolates, playful Christmas trinkets, and even a miniature Christmas tree! Whether you choose our brilliant flower box adorned with seasonal blooms or an engagement baskets for that special someone, holiday-themed gifts evoke the joy and warmth of the season like nothing else!

Eco-friendly Gift Options

In this age of environmental consciousness, what better way to show you care than by choosing eco-friendly gifts? These handpicked, environmentally friendly gifts not only impress but also make a statement about your thoughtful approach towards our planet.

Happy Baskets proudly supports this initiative by offering a selection of eco-friendly baskets filled with natural and organic products. Our roses and hydrangeas arrangement, for instance, relies on sustainably sourced flowers and biodegradable packaging.

Remember, by choosing eco-friendly gifts this holiday season, you're not just making your loved ones happy; you're also giving back to Mother Earth. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving!

At Happy Baskets, we're all about bringing joy, recognition, and a dash of holiday cheer to every occasion. And we do all this while ensuring our baskets are packed with love, delight, and a whole lot of happiness!

Choose Gift Baskets For Holiday Gifts

Gift giving is often a festive, yet challenging endeavor especially during the holiday season. However, with gift baskets, you can transform this daunting task into a delightful experience. Why, you ask?

Convenience of Gift Baskets as Presents

Gift baskets are a godsend due to their convenience. Getting a gift basket is like shopping multiple aisles all at once, without the hassle of moving an inch. We create these baskets with a variety of products, saving you the time and stress of piecing together individual items. Whether it's savory treats for foodies, or carefully selected books for bookworms, each basket offers the effortless convenience of a pre-curated gift.

For example, our game day basket is perfect for sports enthusiasts. Each item is carefully picked, so you'll hit a home run with this gift every time! This basket includes a variety of game day snacks- perfect for a halftime munch! The best part is you, or your recipient, don't have to step foot in a store. It's a win-win!

Remember though, (Due to current supply chain issues substitutions of contents can be made without notice. All baskets are filled to value.)

Varieties of Gift Baskets Available This Year

Another remarkable feature of gift baskets is the diversity they offer. This basket features a spectrum of products catering to different tastes, hobbies, and preferences. From motorcycle-inspired tokens for your bike-loving friend to a tea-tastic set for Mom, there's a gift basket to please everyone.

One of our popular baskets, the Happy Basket, is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face with its charming collection of goodies. It's like throwing a mini party within a basket! And who doesn't need an extra dose of joy in their life?

Always remember, (Due to current supply chain issues substitutions of contents can be made without notice. All baskets are filled to value.)

Customization Options For Your Gift Baskets

Our gift baskets are not just items in a basket, they are personal tokens of love and recognition. We understand each person is unique and so should be their gifts. That's why our baskets offer incredible customization options. You can truly make a basket your own or tailor it particularly for a loved one.

Want to build a basket from scratch? You can! Feel like adding a bit more chocolate to a pre-curated one? Go for it! To place an order or to speak with a Happy Baskets team member about a custom creation please email

Please note, (Due to current supply chain issues substitutions of contents can be made without notice. All baskets are filled to value.)

Gift Baskets For Different Tastes

The beauty of gifting gets even better with our tailored baskets accommodating different preferences. No matter the taste, there’s a basket to match. Got a friend who relishes savory delights? Try our goodies cart! Or perhaps, a pick for a wine and cheese connoisseur? We've got you covered - our wine lovers' basket is an absolute crowd-pleaser!

Each basket is thoughtfully curated keeping varying tastes in mind. And because we believe inclusivity and joy go hand in hand, we have baskets for those following special diets too.

Please keep in mind, (Due to current supply chain issues substitutions of contents can be made without notice. All baskets are filled to value.)

In conclusion, gift baskets are a fantastic, hassle-free solution to gift giving. They’re not just convenient; they’re a joyous bundle of surprises, always ready to make someone's day! So, why not say your season's greetings with a lovingly created basket this year?